A popular and profitable way to make money online is to write articles and blog. There are numerous sites that will pay you to write articles and blog on their site or allow you to make money writing and blogging on their site by sharing the revenue generated from your articles. Mainly, these sites will allow you to place ads on your articles using programs such as Google Adsense or Amazon Associates and you can make money through these programs. Making money by writing articles and blogging is particularly popular because you can earn passive income indefinitely. This means that while you must do the initial work of writing the article, you continue to earn money from your article indefinitely without having to do further work. By writing enough profitable articles you can build a strong passive income stream that may supplement. It is possible to be so successful writing articles that you can work from home writing articles and make a decedent wage rather than have a traditional job.

Sunday, August 4, 2013


Squidoo is a web 2.0 site where you can make money by creating webpages called "lenses." You can share links, include YouTube videos, add polls and quizzes, share Amazon products, and more on your Squidoo lenses. Check out the various ways to make money with your Squidoo lenses.

First, Squidoo pays a percentage of their ad revenue to users based upon the "lensrank" of their lenses. There are three tiers and users get paid a different percentage of the revenue based upon which tier their lenses are in. Tier 1 lenses are lenses with a lens rank of 2,000 or higher. Tier 2 lenses are lenses with a lensrank of 2,001-10,000. Tier 2 lenses are lenses with a lensrank of 10,001-85,000. Tier 1 lenses are paid more than Tier 2 lenses which are paid more than Tier 3 lenses.

Squidoo also shares the revenue earned from your specific lenses through profitable modules. For example, if you feature an item through one of the numerous Amazon modules and a reader purchases that item (or any item from Amazon using the link on your Squidoo page), Squidoo will share with you half of the commission they earn through the Amazon Associates program. This is also true for other profitable modules such as the iTunes module.

Affiliate Sales
You can also use Squidoo to sell and feature products for which you earn an affiliate commission such as products from Zazzle, AllPosters, or Clickbank.

Squidoo will also pay you $5 for each of your referrals. You are paid the $5 once a referral earns $15 through Squidoo.

You can get started writing for Squidoo by signing up here.

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