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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Examiner is a site in which you apply to be the "Examiner" of a certain topic.   You can be a National or Local Examiner and apply to write about thousands of topics.  You can also be an Examiner for more than one topic.

Examiner pays you based upon the number of views your articles get.  You also earn incentives (money) for creating certain types of articles (such as lists) or adding certain types of media to your articles (video, slideshows, etc..).  The incentives change, but currently you can earn $1 for every article that you incorporate a video in up to 5 per week and $2 for every list you create up to 9 per week.  That means a total of up to $23 per week before you factor in earnings for views on your articles.

Examiner gets great traffic as they have a connection with Google News and provided your articles meet certain Google News requirements, they can be promoted on Google News which generates great, quick and easy traffic.

Examiner does have an activity requirement and you must write at least one article every 60 days in order to maintain your Examiner title and your earnings.  If you don't write once every 60 days you will lose your earnings that have not been paid out thus far, but don't worry, Examiner will give you plenty of warnings as the deadline comes up.

If you make the minimum of $10.00, you will receive payout around the 20th of the month following the month you reached payout.  Examiner will pay you via Paypal.

If you are interested in writing for Examiner, you can apply to be an Examiner by going here.